Look at the gazing sun, does it look similar?

Nothing seems alike,may be the rays walked away

Where is that hope, where did it all go,

You taught me a lot.

You never lived to anyone’s expectations

Expectations that were regardless your needs

The stones on my path aren’t leisure

I must shed blood, I have to stay awake ‘and walk until I reach infinity

Until I find what I always wanted to see when I wake up every morning.

Distances are just numbers

Only the measure of your smile counts

Every night you fall apart but its moon which slays your part

We don’t have to shine all day

Our karma prevails us.

Life not always talks about rough.

sometimes getting broken limbs gives tougher challenges to a person to live,

for which he achieves the loudness of zenith.

Do we talk about living the way we wanted?

we never saturate our self, we only talk about the shadowed head below the woken man

for that, do we still have to live?





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