The world presumed more than what we extended in the world of democracy. I hope maximum but things prove opposite. Where the world has stood up as, it stands at no queue. Terrifyingly I have entity of faceless person so does everyone possess. I’m blind in faith and yes it blindly folded all mere people. someday it will grab me and I must sob in around the dynamics. Where the WORLD tore different things, and have to be mistaken but the question of submissions remains affirmed.

Where was the peace? what were things up to? It basically became a question of remark. Stated words of dramatic personified people were approximately equal to fake.

Blindly they folded everyone’s eye and asked to move straight, world taught different songs but people started singing like a walrus.

Were they privileged enough to do so?

Sometimes you need to hand over your luck and sometimes it all shed in version of terror. Way to behead range of society is impossible. We do not have to live according to something that betrays our inner feel.



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